I am so happy to welcome you to Holy Cross Preschool!  We are so very grateful that you have chosen us to care for your children.  HCP is beginning our 21st year in operation, and we are looking forward to moving forward with many more years nurturing the lives of children. 


At Holy Cross Lutheran Church, all people inside the building are asked to wear masks, especially when in groups.  This follows DCF and CDC guidelines regarding masks for all individuals over 2 in public buildings.  I know that moving back to masks is not the way we want to go, but we are all doing what is best for the health of the children.  We have a Christian duty and obligation to keep them safe.  I am grateful to be in school, and to welcome parents back into the building for drop off and pick up times.  We will still keep the two classrooms as separate as possible, only coming together for Chapel time in the sanctuary. 


Holy Cross Preschool is working to become a YoungStar certified center.  YoungStar is a statewide rating system for preschools and Early Childhood Centers.  This is a great step forward for us as it confirms that we are a high-quality center and provides us extra funding available to YoungStar centers.  Our goals for improvements are focused on rewriting our policies, our Parent Handbook, and the way we write our lesson plans.  At some point this year, I will release a new Parent Handbook.  This new version will contain all the same information, and some additional things that are missing from our current handbook.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.


Another big change for us is the implementation of an app and software called Procare.  Procare is a downloadable app that connects you to your child's teacher and to me quickly and privately.  While you are always welcome to email any of us, the app sends message notifications to the teacher’s tablet, my tablet and my computer instantly.  It is a way that we can send you pictures of your child's day, we can message you if there are any quick reminders, or if we have any quick questions for you.  You can do all the same things with the app privately to your child's teacher and to myself.  I will also use Procare to send monthly newsletters updating you on all of the exciting things happening here at HCP. 


The other fabulous thing about Procare is that you can pay your Preschool Tuition online through the app.  You can use any credit card or process an ACH with your banking information.  You can set up automatic payments, or I will send an invoice and you can process your payment right through the app.  I will continue to accept payments in person or via your bank's Billpay if that is what you would prefer.  All your HCP account information is stored in the Procare app regardless of how your payments are received, and when you need to, you can download your tuition receipts for tax purposes.